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Activating Facebook Service

Facebook is the largest social media network website online, with millions of users worldwide who use the service every day. Though it is fairly simple to activate, if you have trouble, you can connect with Facebook multiple ways to ensure the issue is resolved.

Facebook Contact Info

Phone Number: Corporate Headquarters: 1-650-543-4800 . This is not a customer service phone number. At this time, customer support is not provided by telephone.

Corporate Mailing Address:

1601 Willow Rd

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Website: The official website for Facebook is located here[+]. For detailed activation instructions, visit the help[+] section.

Social Media:

  • GooglePlus:Facebook is not on Google Plus as of November 2013. As Google Plus is one of Facebook’s major competitors, it is quite possible they will never be there.
  • Twitter: [+]Facebook does have a Twitter account that allows people to follow the latest news and updates. We are not sure it serves as a customer service vehicle, but it could help if you are having problems.
  • Facebook: [+]Clearly, Facebook is on Facebook. Their main page is not really a customer service vehicle, but can serve to help you find out about new features the service plans to implement.

Activation Assistance for Facebook Service

When you create your Facebook account, you will be given step by step instructions to activate the account. It should not create any issues for you, but if it does, you can reach out for help with your account via their support/help platform.

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