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Activating Magic Jack Service or Device

Magic Jack is a VOIP, voice over Internet protocol, phone system – one of the first available to customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone service. The first Magic Jack’s required a personal computer to make and receive calls, but the Magic Jack Plus plugs directly into the Internet modem, so the home does not need a computer to purchase Magic Jack home phone.

Magic Jack Contact Info

Phone Number: There is no phone number listed for Magic Jack activation help, but you can chat with a live agent for assistance. Visit their website[+] and click the Live Person chat button at the bottom of the page between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday or 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday for assistance.

Mailing Address:

There are two addresses listed for Magic Jack. The first address is the physical address of the corporate office. The second is the mailing address for Magic Jack customer service, including technical support and help activating Magic Jack.

MagicJack Corporate Office 5700 Georgia Ave. West Palm Beach, FL 33405


MagicJack Customer Service P.O. Box 6846 West Palm Beach, FL 33045

Website: The official website for Magic Jack[+] has detailed installation and activation instructions. Click Installing Your Magic Jack and download the instructions – presented in pdf format.

Social Media: There are three social media pages available for Magic Jack activation help. You can visit these pages to view company information, but to communication with an activation expert you must register for an account and log in to that account.

Activation Assistance for Magic Jack Service or Device

The FAQs section is the best place to find activation assistance for your Magic Jack service or device. Click the Getting Started link then the Installing Your Magic Jack link to learn more about the installation and activation process. If you cannot find the Installing Your Magic Jack link, search the word installation for a complete list of help topics.

For a more hands on approach to your Magic Jack installation, visit the video instruction section of the website[+]. There you will find links to instructional videos on Magic Jack activation and installation. Additional assistance may be available to Magic Jack owners who register for online account access. Log in to your account or register today[+].

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  1. aadil ali says:

    Please start my magic jack for free calling

  2. arnold Wratschko 775 825 6417 says:

    I put money for international for my cell putit dit not work
    I am in Croatia. Need help.
    Thank you

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