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Activating Time Warner Cable Service

Time Warner Cable is a provider of Cable TV, Internet, and home phone service in certain areas of the country. When you have the service installed in your home, your technician will activate it for you, but should you have any issues after the initial installation, customer service is there to help.

Time Warner Cable Contact Info

Phone Numbers: Keep in mind, your numbers may be different if you live outside the area,. If you’re not sure what number to call, the website will tell you based on your location.

  • Raleigh/Durham/Triangle northeast North Carolina866-489-2669
  • Charlotte/Metrolina877-566-4892
  • Fayetteville/Sandhills910-864-3935
  • Greensboro/Piedmont Triad866-874-2389
  • South Carolina866-892-7201
  • Wilmington/NC coast910-332-7800
  • Dothan/Enterprise866-744-1678
  • Richlands/Grundy/Keen Mountain866-874-2389

Corporate Mailing Address:

The mailing address varies depending on your service area, and is attached to your monthly bill. We were only able to locate the corporate address.

60 Columbus Circle

New York, NY 10023

Website: The official website for Time Warner Cable is located here[+]. If you need assistance with any services, you can chat live with a customer service representative. [+]

Social Media:

  • GooglePlus:[+]Time Warner Cable is on Google Plus as a way to keep customers informed of specials, service outages, and more. You can reach them there if you are having trouble with any of your services.
  • Twitter: [+]Time Warner Cable uses Twitter to connect with customers and keep them aware of updates, system outages, and more. Tweet them if you have any problems. Don’t DM, because they won’t follow you and allow you to do so.
  • Facebook: [+]Time Warner Cable uses Twitter to connect with customers and keep them aware of updates, system outages, and more. Post a message on their wall or send a private message to their page if you have any problems.

Activation Assistance for Time Warner Cable Service

Should you require assistance, contact customer service via phone. They will be able to walk you through a number of issues over the phone. If they can’t fix your issue right away, they will schedule a technician to come out and do work in your home, on your equipment, or on the pole that services your home.

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